Can I join for only 1 year?

Can I join for only 1 year?

Anyone who joins The Dramatists Guild and becomes a member is welcome to stay a member for as long as they like. Whether that's for a month, a year, or for the entirety of their writing career. Of course, we here at the Guild much prefer the latter. As the only trade association that protects the rights of playwrights, librettists, lyricists, and composers, we take pride in the services and benefits we provide to our members. The Dramatists Guild has been supporting writers of the theatre since 1919, and we hope to continue well into the future. And of course, we hope that you will stay with us through that journey. Because while we provide our members with helpful career services and member benefits, we also provide members with a supportive and helpful community of writers. All of whom are more than willing to help their fellow artists in their path as a theatre writer. The Dramatists Guild is passionate about supporting our members! And we hope that you make the choice to stay with the Guild for as long as possible.

You can stay a member for as long as you like. And the Dramatists Guild will support you every step of the way.

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    • How do I join?

      In order to join Dramatists Guild, you need to prove that you are a writer for the theatre. You can join at 2 member levels: Member or Associate. The Member level is for those who have produced or published their work with a reputable licensing ...
    • Do I have to pay dues if my Member Card has an expiration date of March 2022?

      While all Member Cards are now on a 4 year cycle, we ask that you continue to pay your dues each year in order to keep your membership active.
    • Can I read the magazine online?

      Yes, you can! At The Dramatist, you can read the latest edition of the Dramatist magazine online. Please note that 6 issues are published every year: January, March, May, July, September, and November.
    • I paid my dues. Why haven't I received my Member Card?

      As of 2018, we no longer mail out Member Cards each time you renew your membership. Now, all Member Cards are valid until March 2020, and each additional card issued after that date will be on a 4 year cycle.  We do ask that you pay your dues each ...
    • What are my obligations as a Dramatists Guild member?

      When you join the Dramatists Guild of America, you are joining a voluntary membership association, not a labor union. As such, no one is required to join the Guild in order to have a work produced, and no one is entitled to be a Guild member, ...