Can I mail a check in order to pay my membership dues?

Can I mail a check in order to pay my membership dues?

Absolutely. To do so, mail a check or money order to 1501 Broadway #701, New York, NY, 10036. Please make out any check or money order to The Dramatists Guild.

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    • How do I pay my Membership Dues?

      There are 3 ways that you can pay your dues: First, you can pay online. To pay online, login to your Dramatists Guild member account and go to the Membership Dashboard. Click on 'My Membership' and locate "Pay Dues.' You can also go to the Members ...
    • If my membership has expired for a period of time, do I have to pay back dues in order to rejoin?

      If you were not an active member of the Guild prior to February 2018, you do not have to pay reinstatement fees. However, if you received a drop letter after February 2018, then you may incur a fee to rejoin. If you wish to reinstate your membership, ...
    • Do I have to pay dues if my Member Card has an expiration date of March 2022?

      While all Member Cards are now on a 4 year cycle, we ask that you continue to pay your dues each year in order to keep your membership active.
    • I paid my dues. Why haven't I received my Member Card?

      As of 2018, we no longer mail out Member Cards each time you renew your membership. Now, all Member Cards are valid until March 2020, and each additional card issued after that date will be on a 4 year cycle.  We do ask that you pay your dues each ...
    • Can I pause my Membership?

      By joining Dramatists Guild, you are joining a trade association and acknowledging your career as a writer for the theatre. We hope that you remain a member of Dramatists Guild throughout your writing career. However, we understand that - at times - ...