Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer refunds?

If you have double paid on your membership dues or any Guild product, please email
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    • What services do you offer to theatres?

      While only playwrights, librettists, lyricists, and composers can become members of the Guild, the Dramatists Guild does offer programs for theatres to better engage with the community and the Guild itself. For more information, please go to our ...
    • Can I offer free or discounted tickets to DG members?

      Thank you so much for your ticket offer to our Members!  Please take a moment and complete our Ticket Offer Submission Form. Once you complete this form, we will display your offer on our new Discounted Ticket Offers web page. We will also share ...
    • Can the staff of the Guild help me get tickets to Broadway shows?

      For more information on the ticket programs that we offer nationwide, please visit our Tickets page.
    • How do I receive Emergency Funds from the Dramatists Guild Foundation?

      The Dramatists Guild Foundation provides financial aid to professional dramatists experiencing personal hardships such as health-related problems or the temporary loss of income. The Fund is also interested in helping older dramatic writers who are ...
    • What benefits do you provide?

      We see our members as not only theatre practitioners, but individuals with lives outside of their career. Beyond our primary benefits, we aim to offer career and member services that help you in your everyday life. For more information on what kind ...