How do I submit to the Dramatist Diary?

How do I submit to the Dramatist Diary?

The Dramatists Diary is a record of member achievements and is printed in six issues of The Dramatist magazine each year. Most Diary listings are self-reported and are usually printed within three to four months from the reporting date. These are listings of past achievements only and do not function as advertisements for upcoming events. Please note that if the listing you report is older than twelve months, it will not be accepted or printed in The Dramatist. To submit to the Dramatist Diary, please go to Dramatist Diary Submissions.
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    • How do I submit an article for The Dramatist?

      All submissions to The Dramatist are subject to peer review by the Guild's committee. Please visit for more information.
    • Is it possible to no longer receive The Dramatist in the mail?

      Yes, please contact with your request.
    • What are Supporting Materials?

      The supporting materials that are required for your membership are dependent on the level that you are applying for. When applying for a membership, you may submit the following supporting materials: For Those Applying for the Member Level ($130): ...
    • I am a dropped member. Do I have to complete another application in order to reinstate my membership?

      You do not. In most cases, if you were a member of the Dramatists Guild in the past, we have your record on file. However, while you do not need to submit an entirely new application, we do ask that you please fill out a Reinstatement Form. In the ...
    • How do I join?

      In order to join Dramatists Guild, you need to prove that you are a writer for the theatre. You can join at 2 member levels: Member or Associate. The Member level is for those who have produced or published their work with a reputable licensing ...