How long does it take to process Applications?

How long does it take to process Applications?

In the effort to support non-members and allow them to quickly and easily obtain a Dramatists Guild membership, we have simplified our application process. Once you submit your application, you will be asked to pay your membership dues. You are able to pay dues annually, monthly, or through a one time payment. 

Each application will be reviewed to ensure that each applicant has submitted the necessary materials - and, therefore, qualifies - for membership. The process can take up to 3 business days. During that time, each new member will have access to their career services and member benefits.

However, if a new member is not qualified for membership, their dues will be refunded, and they will be unable to access the services of the Guild. Please understand that a denial from the Guild is not a denial of someone's work, writing career, or person. Many members have to submit multiple times before the timing is just right for acceptance into the Guild.

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      We keep records on file indefinitely. However, you will need to email and request a username in order to access the website, pay dues, and officially activate your membership.
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