I can't log into the website

I can't log into the website

If you don't know your username, please use our username wizard to find it. To use the wizard, you need your member number, email, and current mailing ZIP code. After putting in those items, an email will be sent to you shortly with your username. If this process doesn't work for you, please email questions@dramatistsguild.com with the issue, and we will be happy to assist you.

You should not repeat the login process if your username or password is not working. Doing so may block your IP Address from the site, thereby denying you access. As stated above, please use the wizard to recover your username or password should you need to, or contact the email above for assistance. 

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      There are 2 ways to obtain your username: One way is through our website. On the Login page, find the 'Find My Username' link. Click on the link, then put in your Member Number, your mailing zip code, and your first name in the fields on that page. ...
    • How do I change my email address?

      Dramatists Guild members can finally change their primary email on their own! To do so, please log into the website using the Member Access link in the upper right hand corner. After logging in, click the "My Membership" tab on your dashboard. Go to ...
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    • I applied but never paid. How long do you keep records on file?

      We keep records on file indefinitely. However, you will need to email questions@dramatistsguild.com and request a username in order to access the website, pay dues, and officially activate your membership.
    • It says that the system blocked me. What do I do?

      There's no need to worry. Please contact us at questions@dramatistsguild.com with your issue, and we will help unblock your IP address from the site. To prevent further blocks in the future, please be sure not to try and log in multiple times if your ...