I was a Member a long time ago. Would you still have my record on file?

I was a Member a long time ago. Would you still have my record on file?

While we do keep records on file indefinitely, we may only have limited information on such members. If you are looking to reinstate your membership, please fill out the Reinstatement Form available on our website.

After completing a reinstatement form, you will be taken through the process of finalizing your reinstatement.

To fully reinstate your membership, please visit our Pay Member Dues page and submit your dues payment. You can choose between a one time payment, annual payment, or monthly payment.

After completing that step, please allow 1-2 business days for your payment to be recorded in our system. We are unable to provide you service without your member record being fully updated.

Once your payment has been fully processed, you will receive an email acknowledgment with your website username and a password reset link. You will then have access to your career services. You may also contact our Business Affairs department with any questions or concerns.

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      We keep records on file indefinitely. However, you will need to email questions@dramatistsguild.com and request a username in order to access the website, pay dues, and officially activate your membership.
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