Is it possible to no longer receive The Dramatist in the mail?

Is it possible to no longer receive The Dramatist in the mail?

Yes, please contact with your request.
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    • Do I receive the magazine as part of my membership?

      Yes. All Members and Associates receive 6 issues per year: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Guild members also have access to the Dramatist online! If you are a Lifetime member, please note that you must subscribe to the magazine ...
    • How do I submit to the Dramatist Diary?

      The Dramatists Diary is a record of member achievements and is printed in six issues of The Dramatist magazine each year. Most Diary listings are self-reported and are usually printed within three to four months from the reporting date. These are ...
    • How do I submit an article for The Dramatist?

      All submissions to The Dramatist are subject to peer review by the Guild's committee. Please visit for more information.
    • Can I mail a check in order to pay my membership dues?

      Absolutely. To do so, mail a check or money order to 1501 Broadway #701, New York, NY, 10036. Please make out any check or money order to The Dramatists Guild.
    • What is Lifetime Membership?

      Lifetime membership is a benefit we are offering our loyal members over the age of 65 and have been a member for at least 5 consecutive years. Essentially, it is a free membership. All of your benefits would be exactly the same, with the only ...