What are Supporting Materials?

What are Supporting Materials?

The supporting materials that are required for your membership are dependent on the level that you are applying for. When applying for a membership, you may submit the following supporting materials:

For Those Applying for the Member Level ($130):
Eligible applicants have had a production performed in front of a paying audience OR a script published by a recognizable/known publishing/licensing house. Please submit a program, poster, a review link or a link to the published work. A clear photo of the published work is acceptable.

For Those Applying for the Associate Member Level ($90):
Eligible applicants have written a completed script. Please submit the completed script with your name on the cover page or a program from a reading or workshop. A program is preferred.

For Those Applying for a Student Discount (50% OFF):
We have no student members only student discounts. Active students must meet the above requirements for their respective level, submit proof of active student status AND submit the appropriate member level supporting materials. Students must provide a graduation date when filling out the application. Students can apply for any level they choose and receive a 50% discount on dues for the duration of their education.

Accepted File Formats for Supporting Materials:
You may submit .doc, .pdf, .jpeg, or .tiff files. Do not submit proprietary file formats such as Final Draft.

If you have any questions, please email questions@dramatistsguild.com.

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